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Since 2017 I've been making games in GameMaker Studio 2. Before that I used Flash. Follow me and Fish Mug Games on!



Really Old Flash Stuff

Tom Cheshire's Raised Eyebrow

A blog I ran between 2014 and 2017. Mostly about games, naturally.

YouTube Channels

In case you missed it on my homepage, here's a link to my YouTube channel.

Then there's my old tank2tank channel, with years and years of silly parody videos.

Custom Levels for Other Games

Pac-Man in Doom 2016

Search for 'Pinky's Pac Maze' in Doom 2016's Snapmap mode for PC, PS4 or Xbox One to play for yourself. (Snapmap ID: 49Q8NR4D)

Super Mario Maker Levels

Head on over to

to play my original levels in Super Mario Maker for Wii U. Hopefully they won't all have disappeared by the time you're reading this. You can also find me in Super Mario Maker 2, ID: SJQ-7W7-LCG

Marathon Trilogy Levels

I made a ton of custom levels for Bungie's classic FPS trilogy as a kid. Don't expect too much in terms of quality. Nevertheless, if you're curious to see where I cut my teeth with game design, you can download everything I made below:

How to play these maps:

Download Aleph One alongside the original Marathon games. Don't worry, it's all open source and free!

Save my maps somewhere within the same directory as Aleph One.

Launch Aleph One via Marathon Infinity. Click Preferences, Environment, and select a map from the list. The maps with (CAMPAIGN) in the name will loop through consecutive levels, the rest are singular.

Now return to the main menu and click 'Begin new game.' Enjoy!


F-Zero X Custom Track

Do you like F-Zero X on the N64? Do you like weird novelty courses? Then you've come to the right place...

I've only ever made one complete custom track for this game - that I'm aware of. The aptly named Screw Road, available right here:

How to play this track:

Download the F-Zero X Execution Project and follow the read-me for instructions on how to patch an F-Zero rom file.